Bufkin Air Designs & Fine Art Creations

                             "If you can imagine it, we can create it"

    Hank Bufkin     


Henry "Hank" Bufkin of "Bufkin Air Designs & Fine Art Creations" has nurtured his passion for art since he was a boy.  Hank recently retired from a career as a Police Officer with the Mobile Police Department to pursue this life long passion for creating true to life art.  He and his wife Susan have lived in Mobile for more than two decades.  Hank's private studio is located on his property, where for many years he has created original works of art for a wide variety of clients.  He has created unique pieces of art on many different types of "canvas".  He has painted numerous award winning custom motorcycles, cars and trucks.  In addition he has also created stunning murals for several local restaurants, fine art galleries and businesses in and around Mobile.  Most notable was a 58' x 12' underwater mural on the ceiling of the "Original Oyster House" on Mobile Bay.

His interest in creating large 3D works of art led him into developing a new technique he now incorporates in to every piece he works on.  He works primarily on metal using his new technique with stunning results.  This new technique brings to life every aspect of his paintings.  The first complete piece he created using this technique was a 48" x 40" "Great White Shark". This work was completely created and finished using only this technique. Every piece that is created by Bufkin Air Designs is numbered 1 of 1, signed and dated by the artist.  He will not duplicate original art that he has been commissioned to create unless the client specifically requests him to do so.  By doing this, every client has a true "one of a kind" piece of art. 

The second piece he created, "Beach", garnered the following review from the enthusiastic purchaser:  "The techniques that Henry Bufkin uses are far and beyond anything you have ever seen!  "Beach" is a mystifying study of the movement and soul of the sea.  As you move, the painting changes before your eyes.  Each time the light changes, you see the water change color, birds appear that were not seen before, the clouds move, and the sand dunes seem to shift.  This is a work of art that comes from deep within the soul of the creator Henry Bufkin, and I am delighted that I will be able to gaze upon it every day and know there will never be another one like it."

Hank recently created "Heavenly Host", using this new technique.  "Heavenly Host" is a 48" x 40" portrait of Christ surrounded by a choir of angels blended into the surrounding clouds.  This was done for his mother as a suprise Christmas gift that was presented to her church in her honor.  It is now on permanent display in Hart Hall of St. Matthews Methodist Church in Madison, Mississippi. 

"Safe Passage", was created as a homecoming gift to the crew of the USS Albany, on which Hank's and Susan's son served while in the U.S. Navy.  It is a beautiful piece which depicts the USS Albany underway passing between two submerged rock formations being safely guided by a sea turtle as the term "shellback" has a special meaning amongst submariners.  There is also a beautiful mermaid, hands clasped in prayer, watching as the Albany quietly passes.  This piece was presented to the Captain upon arrival in port and is now proudly displayed on board.   

Hank recently completed "The Guardian", a 4' x 8' creation for the library at the University of South Alabama.  "The Guardian" is a combination of his new 3D technique, airbrush and traditional brush work.  All of these techniques together give the illusion of movement within the artwork.  When viewed, any slight change of angle or light source reveals different colors and details.  Everyone that has seen this piece in person, including Dean Wood, states that "his eyes are following me and he appears to be breathing".  This beautiful full color mural was officially dedicated and permanentley mounted at the entrance of the USA library in August of 2012.

Another large 4' x 6' piece Hank created, "Wild West", is proudly displayed at the new flag ship Mobile Fire and Police station located on Airport Boulevard.  This piece is especially intriguing as it has many different techniques incorporated into it as well.  The piece was developed with the input of the fire fighters and is a true "one of a kind" mural.  Many small details are included in this creation including a minature mural on the head of the fire ax paying tribute to the fallen fire fighters on 9/11. 

Hanks art work is well known by his fellow police Officers across Alabama.  He was asked to create a memorial for a fallen Officer within his own department.  Since that time he has created other memorials for Officers that have fallen in the line of duty.  Each of these he creates reflect personal traits of the Officers and are given as a gift to the family and/or department for the fallen hero.  He has a unique perspective into the heart and soul of an Officer, and uses his God given gift in an attempt to comfort under terrible circumstances.  On these pieces he has the help of fellow Officers to build the frames and assist in the personal delivery of each piece. 

Hank is never satisfied with simply "painting" art.  He will research each project so that every aspect is correct and true to the specific subject.  His eye for detail is evident in every single piece he creates.  Every client is invited to follow the progress of their paticular piece of art on line through his business Facebook page, by email, and when possible in person.  This gives the client immediate access to view the entire creative process as his/her piece of art is being developed in its various stages.  Two such examples are two sets of custom helmets created for Chris Carter and Kevin Thompson.  While working out of the country, they were able to communicate with Hank as they watched their helmets go from basic black, to "one of a kind" custom murals.  The ghost of an ancient Templar Knight keeping watch over the shoulder of a modern day warrior is a hauntingly beautiful piece created for Chris.  "The Operator" created for Kevin with a matching "God, Guns and Roses" created for his wife Donna as a suprise gift are incredible. 

 To follow the progress of any piece that we are working on,  visit our Facebook page at Bufkin Air Designs & Fine Art Creations or email us directly -  bufkinairdesigns@aol.com